MGSurvE’s documentation!

MGSurvE is a python package designed to optimize the location of mosquito traps in complex spatially-heterogeneous environments. Have a look at our github repo for the latest code or install our package through pypi.

Our tutorials sections contains several use-case examples!



This project is under active development and testing.


MGSurvE aims to be a fairly flexible utility that serves as a tool to compare and contrast effectiveness of trapping schemes in a variety of situations. To this end, we have integrated the following features into our package (with more coming in future updates):

  • Support for different point-types

  • Random point-process landscape generators

  • Customizable movement kernels

  • Different movement kernels for male and female mosquitos

  • Customizable trap attractiveness kernels

  • Different attractiveness levels at specific point-type transitions

  • Different trap attractiveness levels for male and female mosquitos

  • Immovable traps

  • Integrated plotting routines

  • Integrated Map-plotting routines (for GIS geometries)

  • Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle-Swarm Optimization (PSO) routines integration

  • Attractiveness/repellency effects

  • Docker images


Have a look at our YouTube playlist for some use examples!

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