Space, the final frontier

Mosquito Movement and Vector Control

[MASH + MAP] Malaria Retreat 2019
Héctor M. Sánchez C. []

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1. Gene-Drives
2. Vector Control
3. MoNeT

1. Gene-Drives

A. Background
B. MGDrivE
C. Spatial Heterogeneity

1A. Background

1B. MGDrivE

1B. Tensor Equations

1) Genetic Inheritance

$$ \begin{align*} \overline{O(T_x)} = & \sum_{j=1}^{n} \Bigg( \bigg( (\beta*\overline{s} * \overline{ \overline{Af_{[t-T_x]}}}) * \overline{\overline{\overline{Ih}}} \bigg) * \Lambda \Bigg)^{\top}_{ij}\\ \end{align*}$$

2) Migration

$$ \begin{align*} \overline{Am_{(t)}^{i}}= &\sum{\overline{A_{m}^j} \otimes \overline{\overline{\tau m_{[t-1]}}}} \\ \overline{\overline{Af_{(t)}^{i}}}= &\sum{\overline{\overline{A_{f}^j}} \otimes \overline{\overline{\tau f_{[t-1]}}}} \end{align*} $$

3) Life History

$$ \begin{align*} \overline{L_{[t]}}= &\overline{L_{[t-1]}} * (1-\mu_{l}) * F(\overline{L_{[t-1]})} +\overline{O(T_e)}* \theta_{e} - \overline{O(T_e+T_l)} * \theta_{e} * D(\theta_l,0)\\ \overline{E^{'}}=& \overline{O(T_e+T_l+T_p)} * \bigg(\overline{\xi_m} * (\theta_{e} * \theta_{p}) * (1-\mu_{ad}) * D(\theta_l,T_p) \bigg)\\ \overline{Am_{[t]}}=& \overline{Am_{[t-1]}} * (1-\mu_{ad})*\overline{\omega_m} + (1-\overline{\phi}) * \overline{E^{'}} + \overline{\nu m_{[t-1]}}\\ \overline{\overline{Af_{[t]}}}=& \overline{\overline{Af_{[t-1]}}} * (1-\mu_{ad}) * \overline{\omega_f} + \bigg( \overline{\phi} * \overline{E^{'}}+\overline{\nu f_{[t-1]}}\bigg)^{\top} * \bigg( \frac{\overline{\eta}*\overline{Am_{[t-1]}}}{\sum{\overline{Am_{[t-1]}}}} \bigg)\\ \end{align*} $$

1C. Threshold-Dependent Drives


1C. Uniformly Random Releases

2. Vector Control

A. Sinks/Sources
B. Attractors/Repellers

2A. Sinks/Sources

2A. Sinks/Sources

2B. Attractors/Repellers

3. MoNeT

A. The Project
B. Landscape Aggregation
C. Factorial Explorations
D. Constrained Optimization

3A. The Project

3B. Landscape Aggregation

3B. Landscape Aggregation

3C. Factorial Heterogeneity Systematic Analysis


Héctor M. Sánchez C. []

MGDrivE Dev: Sean L. Wu, Jared Bennett
MoNeT Spatial Analysis: Biyonka Liang, Sarafina Smith, Gillian Chu, Maya Shen, Daniel Citron
Collaborations: Benjamín Valdés, András Takacs
PI's: John M. Marshall, David L. Smith