This project was born to facilitate collaboration in network analysis routines useful for both MGDrivE (University of California, Berkeley) and MASH (IHME) projects. Its main objective at that point was to create a set of tools that allow us to study landscapes in a way that is relevant in terms of mosquito-borne diseases. After some consideration, however, the scope of the project was extended to the development of computational tools to understand understand diseases transmitted by mosquitos. Under this new scope, a new collaboration was born with Tecnológico de Monterrey to develop computer science student projects to aid the study of spatial processes related to mosquito movement.

We are doing this by separating our tasks into four main categories:

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Lead: Héctor M. Sánchez C. [UCB]
Active Dev/Research: Chris De Leon [UCB], Guillermo O. Cota M. [UNAM], Ana L. Dueñas C. [ITESM], Juán J. Olivera L. [ITESM], Eugenio S. Almanza [ITESM]
Former Research: Gillian Chu [UCB], Maya Shen [UCB], Yunwen Ji [McGill], Sarafina Smith [UCB], Biyonka Liang [UCB], Sabrina Wong [UCB]
Former Software: Priscilla Zhang [UCB], Victor Ferman [UCB], Jorge A. Niño C. [ITESM], Marco Luna [ITESM], Martín A. Molinero M. [ITESM], Christian R. Solís C. [ITESM], Salomón O. Abud [ITESM], Esteban Q. Cueto [ITESM], Moisés M. Copca [ITESM]
Collaborators: Benjamín Valdés [ITESM], Miguel Gonzalez Mendoza [ITESM]
Former Collaborators: Edgar Emmanuel Vallejo Clemente [ITESM]
PI's: John M. Marshall [UCB] and David L. Smith [IHME]